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Row parallelogram with a base and a high t Row parallelogram or rhomboid is a flat two-dimensional wake formed by the two pairs that flank each of the same length and with partners, and have two pairs of corners of the carpenter's square is not the same each with a large angle before. Parallelogram with four-row side the same length called rhombus. Row parallelogram or rhomboid is a wake up even the triangle made by bayangannya if played with a half lap on one side too. Nature of the building even rhomboid is as follows: 1) Corner-corner of the same line of sight is large. 2) The a-side each other face-to-face is the same length and parallel. 3) Corner-corner when the adjacent ditotal was 180 degrees. 4) Diagonal row parallelogram bisect each other the same length. Parallelogram formula row Circumference Area Corner Corner A + F = 1800 Corner Corner L + M = 1800 Corner Corner A + M = 1800 Corner Corner L + F = 1800 Wide range parallelogram = a x t = Alas concept and high-2 will occur if the angle formed is 900 or each other perpendicularly. How: AFM triangle = Segitiga FLM I. Take the AFM triangle: 1) Area ABD = triangle 1 x ME x AF 2 2) Triangle Area FLM = x 1 x LM = FT - Segitiga FLM = 1 x LM x ME 2 2 - Segitiga FLM = 1 x ME x AF 2 II. Area ABCD = Area triangle ABD + BCD Triangle Area AF = 1 x + 1 x ME x ME x AF 2 2 DE = A x

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